Who Are My Clients?

My clients are:

  • Young Adults – Undergraduates/graduates High Functioning on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Parents/Carers – supporting
  • Small independent entrepreneurial Recruiters
  • Small Medium Enterprises in all industries, predominantly Engineering and IT – Their MDs and Directors and HR.
  • Large International Businesses via their Board of Directors leading down to their support services – Trainers, HR, Recruiters, Business Developers.
  • Universities – the students and the Lecturers, Pastoral support Teams, Vice Chancellors, the movers and shakers!


To work with:

  • Associated Businesses – fellow coaches, Equine Therapists and more.
  • Associated Charities who are like minded and have the same values and ethics.


My Mission is:

  • To support High Functioning Graduates into a successful career
  • To raise awareness and give support to Businesses to integrate these capable gifted and trained adults into their work place.


My Vision is:

  • Increase the employment of the Autistic Community
  • See the evidence of the success in producing entrepreneurial achievements world wide!